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The clock part 15 Day 130

The clock part 15 Day130

Cannibal man, arrested in Russia, eating humans to impress his girlfriend. 

Psykiatris says:
"In most cases, cannibals get into medical, rather than penitentiary institutions after verdict. A person, when recognized mentally ill, undergoes compulsory medical treatment until he or she is healed - it doesn't last for life. After treatment, their case is reviewed again, and that's when they can face a criminal punishment.
"I personally know several cases when mental patients were recognized healed and were released to freedom right from the courtroom - the statute of limitations expired. They can be released to freedom, despite the fact that they may commit their hideous crimes in 80 percent of cases."

This here news story about a cannibal man, arrested in Russia, for having killed and eat humans to impress his girlfriend, is terrible. While humans torture animals, rats, cats, dogs, horses, pigs, rabbits, other forms of life that, really have the same rights in life as humans. Much of the same needs and should not be treated with any less respect of gratitude becasue of that. Life is ones one chance to... deal with self or other factors. When an animal is abused and in the name of for instance science, abused and tortured, to achieve profit for a company and its owners. So we buy the products because the package of deodorants, L’Oreal shampoo, or Addidas perfume, not only because of the nice glam and design of the actual profitable product but also because there is no obvious other option in the actual store, and that we are unable to correct the owner of the store, to take action to create actual change, and start selling other products. But and so, the factory owner gets his/hers profit and the animal is left suffering, for factory owners greed.

So just like the company owners of L’Oreal or addidas or the deodorant factory, is making profit from the product we consumers by today, is this here man, who ate some other humans, receiving his “profit” as of being liked by his girlfriend. And maybe “receiving” sex as a reward.

The sickening starts with how humans have though competing with each other, are able to treat life and how humans are chasing each other and all other life forms to achieve the extra dollars, and to pretend to remain in control of abuse and violations made, every second on and towards life! Making the world into a garbage place and not caring for each other or for other forms of life.

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