lørdag 9. februar 2013

Day 183 - History

 Day 183 - History

I have been blogging for over 100 days now and before that more than so. I discovered desteni in 2007. I was then showed the portal on YouTube. I got somewhat engaged back then, yet I was not willing to give up my abuse, the life that I lived with abuse, so I sort of excluded myself and because I was not stopping my abusive patterns and behaviors. I was stuck in patterns and habits of abuse and neglect, and denial. 

Later in 2011 and in the winter/spring of 2012, I got engaged again. And I started to walk the dip course that is called desteni I proses (professional (pro)) I was sponsored back then, to participate with the programme, and I have been stuck at it since (thank God) This process have proven to me to be the best tool, I have ever seen in concern of knowing myself an do know what life is about. To learn the patterns of my own thoughts, feelings emotions, fears, desires, conscious the mind, quantum mind, quantum systematization. I have learned from past lives. From the afterlife series on eqafe.com it has made me see the characteristics, or characters of life. I have become awakened, I have stared all sorts of abuse, in the eye, and I have also seen rewards. Rewards from self, where I experience, rewards of attraction. Rewards of joy, and team life. I have stood, and I still stand alone. I have never met another destonian, face to face. Ever. Still I stay committed to do self forgives, self-correction, and self-awareness, to stop, my participation with imagination, and backchats. And to become self-responsible with my life.

I have written to stop, my mind. I have exposed sides within myself and the world which, surrounds, with experiences for my mind, my thoughts feelings and emotions, it is all done with the helpful tools of http://desteni.org/
For people who would like to get to the bottom, of themselves and to understand the way that we function, what a human really is, and how we are capable of doing what we do and for, gaining self-responsibility, and for, for achieve a PhD I self, please join the lite course of destiny : http://lite.desteniiprocess.com/ - it’s very cool, and its  free.

A total proof tool, cool, and free programme, for anyone who wants to start learning of themes selves. I have now participated with over 100 days with the journey to life. I have called my journey for Breaths Journey to life. I have no idea why. My first guess to that would be that someday I would stop smoking. Yet again I have little idea of why I called it for Breaths journey. Really.
Desteni for my sake is about saving the world, nothing lesser. Yet to change the world, one must change self. Anywise person could tell you that. To bring actual change to the world one must start with self. Bring it back to breathe/self.

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