mandag 25. mars 2013

Day 230 - Cognitive: Part Two

Day 230 -Cognitive: Part Two

Cognitive is most known as a psychological treatment method and it is most known for being a method to treat humans. The cognitive ability could be trained with slowing down and with learning to read habits/sayings/words that train the humans/self to become skilled with memory, reflexes and recalling moments, physical memory and mind memory. The humans is only known to be programmable and programmed/affected, by words and sound frequencies. It is only noises, words and sounds, that we are able to realize, that they (sounds) could program us. Or make us act out. Cool? And scary… make impact on us. So why don’t the patients of this form of psychology learn to write/speak?

Where is the writing programmer for the patients? Where is the writing course for the health care patients? One must learn to write and read, all over again. Learn to handle one self.

Today and for a long time, we have seen that people are stressing and abusing carrying about, making their everyday more and more filled with content that is just for the abuse and the stress of society. To much sugar, alcohol, stress, smokes, drugs, etc.

We are driving ourselves mad and insane with filling our lived with the more and more  abuse and stress that is just, making life worsened for us all. The drugs companies are selling, drugs more than ever and the suicides are sky rocking.

Where are the writing programs, the reading programs?

What you say/listen to : is programming you!

We at desteni have two cool writing programs, that is helping self to express and to speak, words and sentences to de program oneself. Writing and reading.
Are you ready to take life into its intended meaning?

Start today:

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